In the middle of vast dusty stretches of tumbleweeds and mobile homes in Amarillo, Texas sits a plot of land with a bunch of vehicles buried in the ground, noses pointed towards the heavens. No, it’s not Cadillac Ranch. It’s Combine City.

Cadillac Ranch, one of two fine vehicle-in-ground art installations in Amarillo

Cadillac Ranch, one of two fine vehicle-in-ground art installations in Amarillo

If you didn’t guess correctly, don’t worry. Combine City is exactly like the famed Cadillac Ranch, but with less paint fumes and more farm equipment.


Leave it to a Texan famer to turn retired equipment into art. Farmer Orville Ladenhoff started Combine City in 2002 with one rusty old harvester that had served its working years and been exhausted of usable spare parts. According to the website for Combine City, Ladenhoff asked his wife what he should do with the old beast, and she replied, “Bury it.”

No doubt taking inspiration from their famous painted Cadillac neighbors, he planted the combine in the ground, pointed up at an angle towards the sky. Over time, 13 other retired combines have joined its ranks, and the installation now serves as a tribute to the hardworking West Texas farmer.

Unlike Cadillac Ranch, visitors can’t get up close and personal with the combines, unless you’re looking for a good barbed wired stabbing. However, it is a sight to behold, and one has to wonder if it may have inspired Pixar animators when they developed the always-hilarious cow tractors.

If you’re passing through Amarillo, stop to check out both Combine City and Cadillac Ranch to see all Texas has to offer in half-buried vehicles.

all photos by Mallory McMorrow