How many terrible advertising cliches can you shove into one meaningless brand video? Stock footage company Dissolve packs an impressive amount into "This is a Generic Brand Video," inspired by the brilliant piece on McSweeney's. But if you look at real advertisements out there today, they've got some stiff competition in the bullshit department.

Beards! Neon! Nyan Nyan cat! Adventure Time! Cosplay! Volunteering! Flirting! Space! GoPros! It's got everything! Except anything to do with a Honda Civic.

Dissolve's video is hilarious, but it's supposed to make a mockery of the industry. You hear that, brands? They're mocking you. Cut it out. Stop cranking out ads marketed towards us 20-somethings, who you only see as ADD-stricken hipsters who just can't get over how bummed out we are about the world being so political and lame, set with as many cultural references as you can cram into a 30 second spot.

Start telling us about yourself. About your brand. About what you make. About why you make it. Show us something we haven't seen before. Or hell, just show us something real.

"Courage invites critics; go ahead. Future innovations are born from conversations. And sometimes, the road less traveled is the one that surprises you." - What in the actual f*** are you talking about?

No no no no no. Acura copywriter, you are killing me. How is it possible to say so much and yet say absolutely nothing all at the same time? Let's try again:

Thank you, Subaru. THIS is real. 

Real ads aside, kudos to Dissolve for a great mockvertisement. Because even if you have nothing but bullshit to spout, that footage does look pretty darn good.