While the Irish and Irish diaspora of the world raise a pint in honor of St. Patrick today, the people of Nepal and India celebrate the arrival of spring with Holi, a festival of colors and love. Celebrated at the approach of the vernal equinox, the festival signifies victory of good over evil, the end of winter, and a chance for many to celebrate with friends, family, and total strangers as colored powders fly free throughout the city streets.

Directors Jonathan Bregel and Khalid Mohtaseb of NYC-based production company Variable created this stunning short film documenting Holi, featuring an original score by Salomon Ligthelm. 

As the festival has gained exposure to the western world, celebrations have popped up outside traditionally-Hindu cultures. Its influences can even be seen here in the United States with the growing popularity of events such as the Color Run, a 5K race featuring the brightly-colored powders that touts itself as "the happiest race on the planet."

Sadly, New York is still stuck in what feels like eternal winter. So while it may be way too cold to go outside and celebrate St. Paddy's, do yourself a favor and watch Variable's beautiful Holi video full-screen in HD, and remind yourself that spring is (eventually) coming.