British animator and fellow ginger person Fraser Davidson is back at it again with his hilarious animated short, A Guide to American Football. In it, he explains to "liberals, ladies and lymeys" the ridiculous rules, terrible traditions and silly structure of America's most beloved game. 

Davidson produced another equally-hilarious football-themed short a few years back with his animated piece Irritable Bowl Syndrome based on Bill Maher's book The New New Rules: A Funny Look at How Everybody but Me Has Their Head Up Their Ass.

What really sets Davidson apart is not only his excellent animation skills, but strong script-writing and storytelling. He never forgets to bring the funny. I recently featured the sizzle from his animation collective, Sweet Crude, as an example of how to create a sizzle reel that shows off your skillset without being complete bullshit.

Yes, football is ridiculous as this piece points out, but damn if we don't love it. Onward to the Super Bowl in New Jersey!