Huge thanks go out to Refinery29 for naming me one of 5 Ceiling-Shattering Women, or, Women Kicking Ass in Male-Dominated Industries.

In the article, I join four damn-impressive women from the worlds of management, digital product development, online retail and venture capitalism to discuss the challenges of being female in traditionally-male industries, along with sharing inspiration and advice on how to buck tradition without burning bridges. 

The biggest pain point in my career has been that women feel the need to be overly-competitive with other women; to cut them down rather than work together to make a bigger impact. From the story:

What's the most important quality that a woman needs to be successful in an industry that may be a bit of a boys' club?

“I think attitude goes such a long way. It amazes me how many people don’t understand this. It seems like there’s a tendency among women to be a little more competitive when we really don’t have to be. We should all realize we need to help each other and be open. There’s always going to be someone who knows more than you, but learn from them. Be nice, and be a decent person. People want to work with people they like.”

Check out the rest of my interview and read what the other women had to say about their experiences over on Refinery29.