Most agency sizzle videos are bullshit - fancy buzzwords with quick-cut clips behind driving music meant to dazzle you into forking over piles of money. Admit it, we're all guilty of having our hands in one of these.

Sweet Crude is a small-but-mighty 4-person animation collective from London. Their brilliant take on Bill Maher's "Irritable Bowl Syndrome," an excerpt from his book "The New New Rules: A Funny Look at How Everybody but Me Has Their Head Up Their Ass" still stands out as a "best-of" example that I regularly share to showcase what's possible with motion graphics. Given that tomorrow is Thanksgiving, it's also a timely clip to watch in honor of stuffing our faces full of turkey, growing a food baby and falling into a coma watching football.

Their new Intro Animation (top of post), which they shared at a recent Glug Networking Event, is by far the most refreshingly-honest sizzle video out there, and unlike most sizzles, a joy to watch. 

Rather than the standard mashup showcasing projects from the past year, Sweet Crude uses this video to not only showcase their skills, but tell an original story that gives you real insight into their personality. This is a studio who regularly puts out amazing creative but, more importantly, doesn't take themselves too seriously. It shows that behind the work there are real live people. Shocking!

At the end of the day, it's not about fancy agencies and capabilities presentations, you want to work with talented people that will go to bat for you and deliver great work. Because let's face it - advertising is silly sometimes, clients can be ridiculous, and if you're stuck in the trenches at all hours of the night trying to make an insane deadline, don't you want to be in there with people you actually like?