Back in May, Sochi organizers unveiled the design the Olympic medals for the upcoming winter games. Now it's been revealed that some of the gold medal winners will also take home a piece of space - medals embedded with meteorite fragments. 

Seven sets of medals featuring the bits of meteorite will be given out to athletes for events on February 15th, the one-year anniversary of the meteorite strike captured on countless dash cams that injured 1,600 people, smashed windows and caused other damage in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk.

Of its importance, Chelyabinsk Region Culture Minister Alexei Betekhtin said in a statement, "We will hand out our medals to all athletes who will win gold on that day, because both the meteorite strike and the Olympic Games are global events."

Taking place on February 15th are: men's 1500m speedskating, women's 1000m and men's 1500m short track, women's cross-country skiing relay, men's K-125 ski jump, women's super giant slalom, and men's skeleton events.

The athletes competing in the rest of the events will have to settle for normal Earthly medals if they capture a podium finish.

98 sets of medals will be up for grabs in 15 sports in the Sochi Games, which run February 7-23, 2014.