From the company that brought you the Porsche 911 GT3 RS that kept me sane during a snow storm comes a new line of Team Hot Wheels vehicles, mini-figs and play sets created in partnership with Mattel.

Full disclosure: I wanted to see the Hot Wheels Mega Bloks line so badly that I took the subway and walked a number of harrowing blocks to the Javits Center during New York Toy Fair to check them out. I tried to register myself, but the fine people working at the event decided to register me as a "Product Design Executive" after we chatted about my past life as a Hot Wheels designer. Sweet fake promotion. I'm a bit biased, having been the designer from Mattel who helped create this line, but wanted to share in the hopes you'll share them...and smash them...with your kids.

For those who are fans of Team Hot Wheels, this toy line is actually the only one featuring the Team Hot Wheels drivers - brought to life as mini-figs with detailed fire suits and helmets, miniature replicas of Troy Lee's original designs.

Unlike the Porsche model, which some of you criticized for being too specialized for a construction toy set, this line features combination of specialized parts to create true-to-the-original Hot Wheels cars and more basic bricks with exposed prongs to allow for endless mixing and matching. This means you can take half of your Twin Mill 3 and put it on the back of a Bone Shaker. Better yet, you can take any car you design and turn it into a badass monster truck. The Team Hot Wheels drivers fit inside each vehicle, so you can see how far you can launch them from the car after you crash them into each other.

Check out the photos below for a better look at the entire line. Hot Wheels Mega Bloks will hit your local store shelves in the fall.