The Fusion Project is a three-part video series created by Studio@Gawker in partnership with Ford that brought Jalopnik commenters face-to-face with their comments on the new Ford Fusion in a whole new way. Featuring Top Gear's Rutledge Wood and Tanner Foust, the Fusion Project gave Jalopnik commenters a once-in-a-lifetime surprise opportunity to experience the Fusion for themselves. The series aired on Jalopnik with other commenters enthusiastically engaged in conversation with our participants, giving Ford the opportunity to interact with consumers in a method never-before-seen in the digital space.

In addition to creative direction of the video series, I led the Studio@Gawker team in developing the creative look for all of the on-site media that would accompany the campaign online, in partnership with Team Detroit.

The Fusion Project was incredibly well-received by the commenter community as well as the press, and was featured in Business InsiderDigidayAdWeekCar & DriverRoad & Track and others for its successful integration of real-life commenters with authentic, branded content.

You can check out my cameo above, teasing  Jalop Gear   at the end of the  Performance  video

You can check out my cameo above, teasing Jalop Gear  at the end of the Performance video

Tiny Toy Car worked with Studio@Gawker and Team Detroit to develop a cohesive earned media and social distribution plan, which resulted in big numbers for The Fusion Project, including:

    •  156,834 Video Views

    •  150,000+ Page Views

    •  574 Comments on Jalopnik

    •  5,486 Comments on Facebook

    •  296 Tweets/Retweets

    •  25,277 Likes on Facebook

    •  10 Earned Media Stories