Studio@Gawker is Gawker Media's full-service in-house creative team, boasting a team of talented writers, designers, strategists and developers. This year, the advertising arm of Gawker Media launched their new online showcase, and with it needed a new sizzle video to showcase all of the great campaigns Studio@Gawker has executed in the last year. 

I worked with creative agency Red Central to develop the bumper graphics, providing them with our graphic assets and a storyboard to lead the execution. 



It also doesn't hurt to have a brother who's a great video editor, so I tapped Kyle McMorrow to execute the video. Together, we sifted through tons of video footage, still photos and screenshots from every major campaign from the last few years, and developed a structure that shares a lot of content without feeling too long. The result is a fun, fast-paced sizzle that gives viewers just a small taste of what Studio@Gawker is all about.