The Hot Wheels Urban Shredder was the halo project during my time as Mattel's Senior Hardlines Designer. Invented by Hot Wheels designer Dave Sheltman as a ride-on for his kids, we developed the product in partnership with Dynacraft, our long-time United States bike licensee.

The Urban Shredder truly was a "whole new way to ride," and unlike anything else on the market.  

Multiple views of the finished product as it was sold in stores


Following Dave's development of the initial prototype, I picked up as the project lead - spearheading the relationship with Dynacraft and carrying the project through to the end.  

I led the charge on aesthetic design, including color, materials and finishes. We worked closely to ensure the paint colors were on-trend and ready for market, and developed an innovative treatment to apply the gloss graphics to the side of the matte plastic body - giving the Shredder an action-sports inspired look that would appeal to older boys. 

The Shredder ultimately came in three trend colors - black with accents of either red, neon green or Hot Wheels blue. 

The "classified" info document, designed as if it were straight out of the Hot Wheels Test Facility