Vignette #1: FilmSpeed Teaser

Studio@Gawker was tapped by Liquid Thread and twofifteen mccann to help tell the behind-the-scenes story of their new campaign for Forza Motorsport 5. twofifteen had come up with an incredible concept to promote the release of the new Forza game, the first on the new XBoxONE console. They brought in legendary driver and director Jeff Zwart to show viewers how difficult it is for directors, game designers and developers to bring a realistic sense of speed into a gamer's living room by building what's arguably the world's largest, fastest zoetrope. 

Just a few of the 680 frames of game footage lined up around the track

The agency brought in stunt driver Tanner Foust to drive a McLaren MP4-12C around Barber Motorsports Park with a high-end Phantom Flex camera mounted the the engine block - to record each frame at specific high speeds in order to create a seamless piece of animation.

The team realized that such a unique project required more than just the end film to prove that the stunt was a success. They wanted to let viewers in on the process and dismiss any fears that the feat may have been accomplished only through the help of heavy post-production and CGI. 

Studio@Gawker tapped a number of close friends to work on this project, including Tiny Toy Car, 8112 Studios, and host Rutledge Wood.  I worked together with Tiny Toy Car to write the concepts for five behind-the-scenes videos that would showcase individual elements of the program, and 8112 Studios delivered five broadcast-quality videos.

Check out all five behind-the-scenes videos, including the one at the top of the page, and click here to view the full FilmSpeed campaign.


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